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ERP Implementation At no time is strategic planning more needed than at the beginning of an ERP initiative. The real work starts once the requirements are gathered, the RFPs are answered and the enterprise software is selected, for this is when organizations need to buckle down and figure out exactly what the next year or two (or more) is going to entail.
Dear Sir/Madam, A good ERP system is the backbone of Every Industry. Why is New Financial Year considered the best time to implement new ERP system? At the start of the financial year, it’s much easier to predict and plan to invest in a technology. This is because extra expense in already freeze budget in mid season isn't viable. A fresh financial year is a time to rethink strategy, sales target and growth trajectory. Employees are more flexible to changes now and less defiant to any alteration. Please contact us for DEMONSTRATION. Email : Cell No : 8849037077 Web: